Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG)

Savanta ComRes recently undertook research on behalf of the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) to understand the barriers preventing people who are currently digitally excluded from adopting broadband connectivity and what the drivers might be for moving them online, and increasing online use once they have done so.

The research sought to understand the specific barriers people face, whether cultural, behavioural, financial or otherwise, and identify which digital brands and content would be most trusted in helping move people online, as well as which services would most appeal in terms of use once people are online. Incorporating behavioural change principles in its design, research began with 10 qualitative in-depth telephone interviews with those who have never been online, and those who have first gone online in the last year to explore perceptions of ‘being online’, barriers to being online and drivers of exclusion, and the potential benefits of and incentives for moving online. Savanta ComRes then undertook a telephone survey of 1,000 UK residents who are not online, or have only recently moved online, to explore the barriers and drivers identified in the qualitative phase in more detail. Following fieldwork, Savanta ComRes undertook a key drivers analysis (KDA) in order to provide a statistically robust view on drivers and barriers to broadband uptake.

The full report, available here, adds to the evidence base around the issue of digital exclusion and identifies potential ways in which to tackle it.