Polling firm ComRes launch new Brexit Unit
28th March 2017

" Polling firm ComRes launch new Brexit Unit as new polling published today finds most MPs expect UK to leave Single Market and Customs Union"


Strategic polling and research consultancy ComRes today announced the launch of its new Brexit Unit, which focuses exclusively on supporting organisations to navigate the Brexit landscape.


The new entity, comprising polling and European policy experts from across the ComRes team, will help organisations understand how Brexit will affect the future of their sector, enabling them to make informed decisions at a time of unprecedented uncertainty and change.


The Unit has already begun to build a comprehensive knowledge bank of Brexit data, comprising both attitudinal data perceptions from across a wide range of published sources, as well as conducting original research to help understand the opinion landscape as the Brexit process gets under way.


ComRes launched the Unit this morning at an event hosted in partnership with Microsoft which unveiled new insights into the expectations of MPs about the likely impact of Brexit on the economy and migration.


The survey, conducted among a representative sample of 150 MPs, found that:

  • Nine in ten MPs expect the UK to leave the Single Market
  • Six in ten MPs expect the UK not to be part of the Customs Union
  • Two-thirds of MPs expect the UK to remain formally associated with Europol post-Brexit
  • Seven in ten MPs expect net migration to the UK to decline post-Brexit
  • …and more than eight in ten expect the UK to prioritise skilled migration over unskilled migration from the EU.


The survey revealed deep-seated political divisions by party, especially over the prospect of the UK being required to make contributions to the EU Budget post-Brexit.  Overall the House of Commons is divided over the issue with 46% who believe the UK will have to continue payments and 42% who do not.  However, this masks the underlying view from 64% of Labour MPs that the UK will be required to continue payments, while 62% of Conservative MPs take the opposing view.


Andrew Hawkins, ComRes Chairman, said of the launch:

“No organisation will be unaffected by Brexit.  It is the biggest issue most of our clients have ever faced, so the best way we can support them is to help identify future trends, understand opinion and anticipate issues of controversy or misaligned expectations.”

“We believe organisations can thrive post-Brexit, but they need to have expert insight and advice.  As the first polling firm to launch a dedicated Brexit Unit, we are hugely excited about the opportunity for ComRes to be able to help our clients manage the challenges ahead.”