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Poll of 2,059 British adults for ITV News on UKIP


As UKIP gather for their conference in Margate this weekend, the latest poll conducted by ComRes for ITV News reveals that the public believe that they are the party most likely to be seen as “nasty” (37%). Additionally, more than two in five Britons (44%) think the party is racist – an increase of twelve points since the European Election campaign in April last year. UKIP is also the party most likely to be described as “unprofessional” (43%).

However, despite a decrease of seven points since October, a quarter of the public believe that in Nigel Farage, UKIP has a strong leader (25%), second only to David Cameron (37%). And UKIP is still the party most trusted to control the issue of immigration (36%).

Around half agree that UKIP are not a credible political party (47%) - an increase of eleven percentage points since April. The public also disagree with statements focusing on UKIP’s honesty and policies: around half (48%) disagree that the party has sensible policies and 44% disagree that UKIP are more honest than other political parties. A third (33%) believe they are more honest and 29% say they have sensible policies.

Looking to the other parties, Labour remains the party most trusted to manage the NHS (34%), extending its lead over the Conservatives to twelve points – only 6% of the British public trust UKIP most to manage the NHS.

The Conservatives retain their lead on reducing the budget deficit and promoting economic growth, while Labour remains ahead on keeping down the cost of everyday items.

Labour is currently the party most likely to be seen as “divided” (37%). This represents a large change from October 2014, when both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats were seen by more people as divided.

Tom Mludzinski, Head of Political Polling said: “Some of the shine appears to be coming off UKIP at the moment. Having been fairly quiet since the turn of the year, UKIP’s support in the polls has fallen away slightly. They will be hoping that their conference this weekend can be the springboard to regain some of the momentum built up over the last few years. They have proved to be the masters of surprise.”


Q: Do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements?

Statement Agree Disagree Don’t know
UKIP are a racist party 44% (+12) 36%(-4) 20%
UKIP are more honest than other political parties 33%(NC) 44% (+6) 23%
UKIP are not a credible political party 47% (+11) 34%(-4) 19%
UKIP have sensible policies 29%(-5) 48% (+10) 23%

Base: GB adults (n=2,059). Numbers in brackets are changes from 28th April 2014.

Party Characteristics

Q: Please select which of the following words or phrases apply to each political party.

Statement Con Lab LD UKIP Green None of them
Has a strong leader 37% (+5) 13% 6% 25% (-7) 6% 31%
Is nasty 27% 18% 10% 37% (+5) 4% 34%
Stands up for people like me 20% 28% 11% 18% 10% 28%
Keeps its promises 14% 13% 5% 7% 7% 58%
Divided 30%(-15) 37%(+3) 35%(-6) 14%(+4) 4% 25%
Has the best policies for Britain’s future 27% 25% 7% 15% 9% 27%
Has the competence to govern 40% (+3) 28% 10% 10% 6% 28%
Unprofessional 15% 22% 19% 43% (+8) 14% 28%
Has solutions for issues important to me 24% 25% 9% 19% 12% 27%

Base: All GB adults (n=2,059). Numbers in brackets are changes since 20th October 2014

Best Party

Q: Which party do you trust most to…

Statement Lab Con Lib Dem UKIP Don’t know
Manage the NHS 34% 22% 7% 6% 31%
Control Immigration 14% 19% 4% 36% 27%
Keep down the cost of everyday items, such as food, energy and travel 31% 22% 7% 6% 35%
Make sure that the benefits of economic growth are felt by all 29% 22% 9% 8% 31%
Reduce the Government’s budget deficit 17% 41% 5% 6% 31%
Promote UK economic growth 22% 37% 4% 8% 28%
Redefine Britain’s relationship with the EU 18% 25% 5% 23% 28%
Make the welfare system fairer 31% 24% 8% 9% 28%
Provide adequate care for the elderly 31% 17% 9% 7% 36%
Improve housing affordability 32% 18% 8% 7% 36%
Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour 19% 29% 7% 9% 35%
Improve the education system 28% 25% 8% 6% 33%

Base: All GB adults (n=2,059).


Date Published
27th February 2015
ITV News
ComRes interviewed 2,059 British adults online between 20th–22nd February 2015. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.