The Sun - poll of 2015 UKIP voters
A new ComRes poll for The Sun confirms the Conservative Party’s successful courtship of 2015 UKIP voters, with half (48%) of then now saying they will vote Conservative. Meanwhile UKIP are struggling to retain even a quarter of those who voted for them in 2015 (23%).

Theresa May and the Conservatives


  • 2015 UKIP voters are split on whether they do (44%) or do not (41%) think Theresa May wants to leave the EU; with those intending to vote Conservative (59%) considerably more likely than those intending to vote UKIP (34%) to believe the Prime Minister does want to leave the European Union.
  • 2015 UKIP voters are significantly more likely to say that they trust Theresa May than trust Paul Nuttall to deliver a successful Brexit (79% v 54%).
  • Theresa May is the most trusted Party leader on almost all areas tested; importantly on the key issue of “improving the economy” 58% of 2015 UKIP voters say she is the best politician to do so, fully 48 points ahead of UKIP’s Paul Nuttall (10%) and a whopping 50 points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn (8%).
  • Theresa May’s Conservative Party has clear appeal among 2015 UKIP voters: three in five (59%) say they would be more likely to vote for the current Prime Minister than her predecessor, David Cameron (8%). Two thirds (66%) of 2015 UKIP voters say they prefer Theresa May’s policies to those of David Cameron (just 12% say the reverse), rising to three quarters (76%) of 2015 UKIP voters aged 65+, and four in five (81%) of those who are likely to vote Conservative on June 8th.
  • 2015 UKIP voters are more likely to say Theresa May (rather than David Cameron) has a good vision for Britain (54% vs. 5%), reflects their views on the EU (37% vs. 2%) and understands the interests of “people like me” (35% vs. 3%).


Jeremy Corbyn and Labour


  • For 2015 UKIP voters Jeremy Corbyn – and to a lesser extent the Labour Party, are political kryptonite: 69% say that they don’t like Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour Party, with only 5% saying they like both.
  • Jeremy Corbyn is the party leader most likely to be trusted to no extent to deliver a successful Brexit, even more so than the anti-Brexit Lib Dem leader Tim Farron (79% v 71% say ‘trust to no extent’).
  • Ed Miliband’s appeal amongst 2015 UKIP voters appears to be much stronger than Jeremy Corbyn’s, with twice as many saying they prefer Miliband’s policies to Corbyn’s as the other way around (40% v 21%).
  • In light of Saturday night’s terrorist attack, it is significant that a paltry 4% think Jeremy Corbyn would be best to keep Britain safe from terrorism, compared with 50% who say Theresa May (25% say Paul Nuttall and a further 20% don’t know)


UKIP’s future


  • Despite Theresa May being trusted more than Paul Nuttall by 2015 UKIP voters to deliver a successful Brexit, 68% say UKIP still has a role to play in UK politics following Brexit. However, a significant minority (25%) say that UKIP no longer has a role in British politics in view of last year’s referendum result.
  • The only policy area on which Paul Nuttall is seen as a better politician than Theresa May is immigration, where is he is more likely to be seen as the best politician to bring down migration numbers than she is (52% v 29%).
  • The Conservative Party may not be a lifelong home for 2015 UKIP voters; a majority of 2015 UKIP voters say that neither Theresa May nor David Cameron understands their interests (54%) or reflects their views on the EU (51%), and two thirds (66%) say neither is an exciting politician.


UKIP’s past

  • More than four in five (84%) 2015 UKIP voters say Nigel Farage made a better leader of the party than Paul Nuttall does (5%); this rises to nine in ten (90%) among UKIP voters intending to vote Conservative on June 8th, but is also shared by more than three quarters (78%) of those intending to vote UKIP this time round.


The Campaign


  • 2015 UKIP voters are not particularly impressed with either main parties’ campaigns so far, with roughly equal proportions saying the Labour and Conservative Parties have run the best campaign (23% v 20%)
  • There are still plenty of 2015 UKIP votes up for grabs, while two thirds (64%) have “definitely” made their mind up about how they will vote on June 8th, one in four (26%) saying they are “fairly clear about how they will vote but may still change their mind”, and one in ten (9%) saying they have no idea yet how they will vote.
  • Those voting Conservative (79%) are more likely than those who say they will be voting UKIP (69%) to say they have definitely made up their mind.
Date Published
5th June 2017
The Sun
ComRes surveyed 527 British adults who voted for UKIP candidates at the last General Election, on 2 June 2017*. The survey was conducted online from a nationally representative sample. Results are representative of the demographic profile of UKIP voters at GE2015 by age and gender. *Please note, fieldwork took place before the London Terror Attacks on Saturday 3rd June 2017.