Religious importance of Easter being devalued, say UK Christians

Most children today are more interested in the ‘Easter bunny’ than they are in Jesus, say three quarters (76%) of practising Christians in the UK in the latest ComRes Cpanel Survey. By comparison, just roughly one in twenty (6%) disagree.

At a time when David Cameron has welcomed a “Christian fightback”, seeking to understand the views of UK Christians has never been more important. With ComRes’s quarterly survey of Christians, Cpanel, it is possible to gain a unique insight into the attitudes and perceptions of practising Christians from across the UK. In fact, it is the only regular survey of church-going Christians in the UK spanning different denominations and churchmanship.

There is a clear feeling among practising Christians that the meaning of Easter is being lost. An overwhelming majority (90%) think that children in the UK today know less about the crucifixion and resurrection than children did 30 years ago.

Despite this, belief in the historical events of the first Easter is clearly still very strong among practising Christians, with an overwhelming majority (95%) who believe that Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Indeed, 77% of practising Christians agree that Easter is a more important festival than Christmas.

Looking forward, practising Christians agree that Easter egg hunts, egg painting and other such activities, are a good way of engaging children with Christian festivals such as Easter (63%).

The results of this survey clearly demonstrate the disassociation many practising Christians in the UK feel now exists between the religious traditions of festivals and the way that they are now perceived in the UK.

ComRes surveyed 519 UK Christians on Cpanel between 8th and 30th March by online questionnaire. Data were weighted by denomination to reflect the composition of the UK Christian population according to the 2005 Church Census.

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