Your online presence is one of your most important stakeholder engagement channels.

ComRes has developed a suite of bespoke methodologies designed to help clients communicate better with their stakeholders online. The methodologies include research to help:

  • Map stakeholders; to identify what online sources stakeholder audiences use and how they access these sources;
  • Understand who is consuming your organisation’s digital output and how it compares to your desired audience;
  • Work out how to engage different stakeholder audiences in a crowded digital landscape;
  • Understand how the brand, remit and digital communications of your organisation are perceived by stakeholders, and the impact of these on your organisation’s reputation.

As one public sector client said, “we want our online presence to have more punch, but unlike with consumers you can’t put an eyetracker headset on an MP” So we designed a multi-disciplinary approach which integrates different techniques: on one hand, depth interviews and stakeholder discussion groups from the market researcher’s toolkit; on the other, user experience (UX) mapping and usability tests from the tech sector.

We deliver clear, semi-prescriptive “pathways” for web design professionals to follow, from architecture and landing pages through each subsequent level of information and interaction. Our consultants deliver continuous feedback during alpha and beta testing, from an informed, objective perspective.

Our recommendations deliver clear, substantial value: smoother delivery from web designers, great feedback from web users and ultimately enhanced ROI on digital communication.


Leading charity

Brand and reputation audit

General Medical Council (GMC)

Evaluation of digital training and communications


Designing influential websites

Grantham Institute for Climate Change, LSE

An immediate 45% month-on-month increase in pageviews